Men and Accessories: Where do they go wrong?

Men and Accessories

There is a range of clothing in the market these days that tends to make all you men appear classy and fashionable. For a casual look you may choose tee shirts, jeans and jackets while you may go with shirts, trousers, blazers and suits when you want to dress up in formal attire. No wonder, you can achieve the desired appearance by selecting a particular clothing, but is your look really complete? Well, surely not. What’s missing is the men’s fashion accessories that will enhance your appearance and make you stand out of the crowd.

When it comes to men’s accessories trend, there again are unlimited choices that can add style and class to your outfits. Accessories like watches, ties, belts etc. are worn by most of you almost every day. However, it is necessary to wear the fashion accessories for men in a correct way to make an impact. Here we have a few tips that can help you to avoid the mistakes you would be doing while wearing those accessories.

Wrist watch: this is the most important of all accessories possessed by every man. When selecting a watch for yourself, you do not have to pick an expensive one always. There are many of them in stores that are cheap and durable and also look amazing. You can either choose a black leather watch or one made of stainless steel as both of them are suitable for formal business meetings, parties, office work and for casual use as well. Some men may look for fancy looking watches that will definitely not look good with every kind of outfit and may not be much durable.

Belt: although the main purpose of a belt is to hold your pants on your waist, but it also adds an elegant appeal to any of your outfit, from casual to formal. However, you must opt for a good quality leather belt. Avoid choosing a belt in shiny materials with flashy big buckles. Pick a genuine leather belt in black color and a decent sized buckle to match with every kind of attire. Though a bit expensive, leather belts last long.

Neck tie: this is a men’s fashion accessory that is worn for office or for a formal occasion. A neck tie completes your formal look and gives you a stylish expression. But, again choosing the accurate tie is very important for getting that desired classic appearance. Flower prints are a big no. Pick silk ties with stripes or little polka dots or in no pattern at all. For the color you can opt navy blue, black or deep maroon ties as these can go with almost every color of shirt.

Cuff-links: a formal wear accessory, cuff-links are a must have for every man as these can enhance your look in your attire. Although small in size, these are best options to show off your personal style. You can choose cufflinks made in gold, silver or platinum or any other metallic material or semi-precious stone. Avoid the ones made in plastic or cheap metals. You should also avoid cuff-links in cute shapes and designs like horse faces or dice or other such kinds. Go with ones in tear drop shape or square shaped or standard button shaped and be sure to be noticed.
Now there are a lot of options in men’s fashion accessories. However, to complement your look, it completely depends on you to make an appropriate choice of these accessories.

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