How To Stop Binge Drinking?

binge drinking

Binge drinking can be stopped now, a new drug invention by the European scientists makes it possible. Binge drinking or heavy drinking is basically done with an intention to become intoxicated by consuming alcohol in high amount in a short span of time. The damage of this kind of heavy drinking is severe on our brain’s functioning especially in teenagers (their brain is still developing).

Short term and Long term Binge Drinking effects

Short term side-effects

Binge drinking causes short term and long term effects. Long term effects are on the various body organs, especially brain. Some short term effects on a person who is over drunk are:

  • Unintelligible or incoherent speech
  • Imbalance and clumsiness
  • Delayed reflexes
  • Stomach pain, vomiting or nausea
  • Loss of consciousness or blacking-out
  • Redness of the face during or after periods of consumption

Long term side-effects

In long term, excessive drinking leads to speedy shrinking of the brain. Brain does shrink as you age, but heavy drinking speeds up the shrinkage of certain key regions in the brain, resulting in memory loss and other symptoms of dementia. Binge drinking also affects one’s ability to:

  • plan
  • make judgement
  • perform sensibly
  • execute things properly

In addition to dementia, binge drinking leads to severe nutritional deficiencies, that trigger other forms of dementia.

A drug ‘ethane-beta-sultam’ to Stop Binge Drinking

A new drug ethane-beta-sultam has been invented by European scientists to stop binge drinking. It is capable of treating long term and even some short term effects of binge drinking.

  • Binge drinking can cause dementia in old age. The new drug ethane-beta-sultam helps brain in reducing the brain cell loss and inflammation, that is caused by periodic heavy binge drinking.
  • Alcohol destroys some of the brain cells which are important for orientation. The combination of ethane-beta-sultam and alcohol helps overcome this damage too.
  • The brain protects itself by using ‘glial cells’, which are increased when you consume alcohol in excess. Ethane-beta-sultam, if given at the same time as alcohol can decrease the level of glial cells.

Alcohol use and abuse is going to continue and we cannot stop people from consuming alcohol. This drug and other treatments to treat the severe side-effects of alcohol are important to control the damage. This is not to support binge drinking, but some people are addicted and alcoholic and basically cannot quit, hence such precautions and cure, can possibly treat the side-effects and hence should be promoted. If you are a binge drinker, try to avoid it because self control is more effective than any drug.

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