Know The Difference Between Fitness Model and Body Builder.

Fitness model v/s body builder

Today we all are conscious about fit and healthy body. There are lots of things people must know about fitness vs bodybuilding. Bodybuilders must have a fit body while fitness model didn’t need a well shaped muscular body. Both need a healthy diet, 8-hour sleep, exercise regime. Fitness model consumes no more than 2500 calories in a day. In contrast, bodybuilder consumes more than 5000 calories per day. Fitness models aim to keep a healthy and athletic body. They improve various capacities like flexibility, endurance, agility, and speed. An average fitness body weight is between 70 and 85 kg for an average height. An average bodybuilder body is between 90 and 105 kg.

Are you wondering if you want to become bodybuilder or fitness modeling?

Check out the infographic by “” showing bodybuilding vs fitness.

Good idea about bodybuilding and fitness modeling can lead to a better choice. Now you are ready to jump into whatever is your choice is. There are lots of best muscle building exercises you can try . Give your 100 % to whatever you do in your life.

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