Ingredients that make it best

The natural bladder control formula contains only natural ingredients. The two primary ingredients that work wonder are: soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract. If you go back to the history of medicine, you will find out that these two extracts have been used for centuries for their healing properties.


Pumpkin seeds are clinically proven to help in reducing the involuntary contractions of bladder. At the same time, soybean germ extracts help in increasing estrogen levels that assist in strengthening the weakened muscles of the bladder.


Both the Flotrol ingredients help the patients in reducing urinating pain and in preventing leakages.


The benefits that are derived from this natural ingredient formula work only if there is no gap experienced in its ingredients being flowed into the blood streams.


It is an all natural formulation based supplement that has no known side-effects. The Flotrol ingredients formula is clinically proven to be effective and safe.