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Enlast ingredients

The safety and efficacy of Enlast is known from its ingredients which are totally natural and chosen carefully to formulate the desired product. Ingredients in Enlast Premature Ejaculation Program are herbal and combined with some important vitamins and amino acids. Enlast Ejaculation Program consists mainly the following ingredients:

  • Benzocaine: It is a male genital desensitizer and works by delaying premature ejaculation and decreasing sensitivity.
  • Hanaper Macho: It is a herbal plant mostly found in Peru and is known for its ability to increase sexual desire naturally.
  • Muira Puama: It is a herbal plant which is a natural sex stimulant, mostly found in South American rain forests. It stimulates the nerves required to enhance libido along with improving other sexual functions.
  • Blue Passion Flower: It is a species of flowering plant found in South America. It is known to lower the level of anxiety and stress in humans thereby optimizing sexual functions of the body.
  • Arginine: Arginine is also known as alpha amino acid and is one of the 20 most important amino acids. It is frequently used along with glutamic acid to address the erectile dysfunction in men. Arginine increases growth and sexual functions of the penis by improving blood circulation in the body.