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  • what is Enlast program

    What is Enlast Program?

    Enlast cream is a male enhancement program which is designed to address the most common problem among men - premature ejaculation. Almost 40% of men suffer from this problem but…

  • Enlast ingredients

    All ingredients are listed

    The safety and efficacy of Enlast is known from its ingredients which are totally natural and chosen carefully to formulate the desired product. Ingredients in Enlast Premature Ejaculation Program are…

  • how enlast work

    How does Enlast work?

    Does Enlast work? If this is the question you have been wondering about, then the answer is Yes. It does work by increasing sexual stamina and decreasing penile sensitivity. It…

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    Overwhelming Enlast reviews

    As per the reviews received from men who have used Enlast, it does work for them. All the men who have used it seem satisfied and happy. Enlast helped them…

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BENZOCAINE: FDA approved ingredient

Clinically Approved

Benzocaine is a crystalline compound which has a mild anesthetic effect and is usually found in cough syrups and pain relievers. It is approved by FDA for its numerous positive effects and almost negligible side-effects. Benzocaine has the ability to desensitize the nerve ending of the male genital. It does not totally numbs the penis which most people believe, but it eliminates the over sensitivity of the penis, thereby increasing resistance and enabling a man and his partner to have better sexual experience.

Before & After

Before & After

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