How does Deer Antler Plus work?

how deer antler work

Your brains may sometimes light up with a question, Does Deer Antler Plus really work? The answer is Yes, it does work, by supplying a growth hormone called insulin like growth factor 1 or IGF-1 to the body.

The hormone IGF- 1, present in Deer Antler helps the body repair itself. This hormone is produced by our liver that helps in our overall growth, but people who do not produce this hormone in sufficient amount do not grow properly or suffer from dwarfism. Therefore, doctors prescribe this hormone to accelerate growth in humans.

IGF-1 works, by building up a matrix or base that is essential for building proteins in the body required for cells to grow. Deer Antler works by increasing the number of new cells that eventually get accumulated on matrix or base that is build by the hormone. Then these cells get busy healing the injury.

Deer Antler does work by helping kids with stunted growth or people with dwarfism, along with healing cartilage or tendon injuries. All this is possible due to IGF-1 hormone present in it. Deer Antler is not for enhancing performance and should not be taken without consulting your physician.