Slap Happy Natural Ingredients

Slap Happy Masturbation

The first thing that will compel you to choose this masturbation cream is the feeling it gives you after you use it. It is not a regular slippery feeling that you get with other similar products. The natural ingredients in Slap Happy make your skin creamy and very smooth. It is difficult to explain how you may feel after using it, but once you use it, you cannot forget the feeling. Secondly, Slap Happy does not make any false claims about increasing the penis size. Its effectiveness will make you choose it over other similar products.


Another thing about Slap Happy is that you would not require some great industrial chemicals to remove it. It won’t stick to your skin, a simple wash or wipe is sufficient. Also, Slap Happy ingredients lend a smell that can do wonders for your sex drive, as it smells great. Again, it cannot be explained in words, until you smell it yourself. Also, Slap Happy ingredients do not cause any allergic reactions or irritation.